The leopard seal is a fantastic and beautiful creature that resides in antarctica, donning a stunning spotted coat similar to that of the big feline for which it’s named after. Yet this type of seal not only shares a similar appearance to the wild cat, but has an equally ferocious personality. 
Leopard seals are renowned as being one of the fiercest predators in antarctica, and are the only seal that will consume warm blooded animals, including other seals. Given this reputation, most people wouldn’t jump at the chance to come face to face with such a creature.. Especially when they’re equipped with incredibly powerful jaws, huge teeth, and an enormous 10-11.5 ft. body, weighing up to 840 pounds.
National Geographic Photographer Paul Nicklen came face to face with a leopard seal, one of Antarctica’s most vicious predators. What happened next is beautiful:
i slippeddd
right awayyy
she toookk
she went off
she keptt
and then i think
she startedd
she star
so here
Credits: Photographer Paul Nicklen, The Meta Picture
Source :  themindunleashed