This image circulated the world some 17 years ago. On August 19th, 1999, a medical team in Nashville, U.S.A, carried out surgery on the pregnant Julie Armas, more specifically, on the 21-week-old fetus in her womb.  

Even before birth, the baby had been diagnosed with "spina bifida", a deformity of the spine. To correct this, the doctors decided to perform innovative prenatal surgery. While this was happening, the unborn child reached out from the womb and grasped hold of the doctor’s finger! To date, it shows the earliest human interaction ever recorded. Nearly four months later and thanks to the successful surgery, Samuel Armas was then born on December  2nd, 1999.
Samuel is now a 16-year-old teenager. He wears lower leg braces and needs a wheelchair for longer distances. But apart from that, he is doing extremely well and can run normally. He also loves to swim and play basketball.

Twitter/Sam Armas

It's fascinating to see that this “Hand of Hope" has now become a young adult man.

Source : hefty