If you like flowers such as roses, this amazing thick can help you grow them successfully from a rose stem. With the help of this unique trick, you can have a yard full of roses all summer long.
All you need:
  • a cut down rose
  • a potato
  • a plastic bottle
  • soil
  • a flowerpot
Start by removing all the leaves from the stem then cut it at an angle of 45 degrees.
With the stem, make a hole in the potato then shove it in. Make sure it’s well fixed and doesn’t move.
Fill 2/3 of the pot with soil then put the potatoes in.
Fill the rest of the pot with soil but make sure it surrounds the rose.
In the end, cut down a plastic bottle and cover the rose with it. You aim at getting a greenhouse effect.
You should see the first signs of your rose growing again in a week. Enjoy your rose-filled summer garden!