Pets make wonderful companions for elderly people in many ways. Sadly, that companionship can come with dangers, too. As aged folks increasingly struggle to care for themselves, sometimes the added responsibility of caring for a pet becomes too much.

In this particular case, that problem led to tragic results. Mojo the chihuahua’s owner suffered from dementia, but no one just how bad it was. By the time they realized, Mojo had paid the price….

Mojo was a chihuahua who was a loving companion to an elderly person suffering from dementia. Sadly, the owner’s family didn’t realize how far the illness had progressed, and Mojo ended up suffering for it…


His owner was confused and couldn’t remember to the feed the poor dog. By the time anybody realized something was wrong, Mojo had died of starvation and they found his emaciated body lying there in the house. It was truly a senseless and preventable loss. A foundation dedicated to preventing unintentional pet neglect has been founded in Mojo’s memory and can be found here.

The worst part is, not only did Mojo’s owner fail him, but whoever should have been looking out for the owner failed him as well. It’s just heartbreaking all around.

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