This emotional photo has been making the rounds and it truly is a heartfelt gesture to sudden tragedy that sadly unfolded. Baby Aubrey is shown wrapped in her daddy’s motorcycle gloves. Sadly, Aubry won’t be able to meet her dad in the physical world, but the mom, Kathryn Seable Williams, wanted to make sure that Aubrey knows her father is indeed there in spirit.
Aubrey’s dad, Hector Daniel Ferrer Alvarez, was a motorcyclist. It was his passion, despite knowing the risks involved. Those risks were minimized as much as possible as soon as he found out he had a daughter on the way. He drove extra cautiously and made sure to wear protective clothing. He had his daughter in mind and was looking forward to her birth.


Indeed he escaped having a motorcycle accident. But a month before his daughter was born, he wasn’t able to escape a different tragedy. He was killed by “someone he considered a friend.”
The mother was a wreck. Her grandmother hired photographer Kim Stone, who took the amazing photograph.
The mom, Kathryn, wanted to somehow still be able to incorporate Hector into the photoshoot of the newborn, utilizing items that he loved. So Kim ended up wrapping baby Aubrey up with the dad’s motorcycle gloves. They indeed held the baby and Aubrey was captured with a sudden smile on her face.
Here’s what Kim said about the photo:
“They say that angels are talking to babies when they smile in their sleep.”
Maybe it was dad who made his baby smile while enveloped in his gloves!
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