It's hard to imagine a more faithful love than what dogs offer us. That's why it's simply heartbreaking when a dog and its owner have to part for the last time.  
Californian Ryan Jessen woke up one day with a bad headache, which he thought was 'just' a migraine. But it turned out to be something much worse: the 33-year-old had a cerebral hemorrhage and soon ended up in a coma.
At the end of November (2016) it became clear that Ryan wasn't going to regain consciousness. His family was faced with the most difficult decision there is. At last, on November 30, his friends and family gathered around his hospital bed to say their last goodbyes. One particular family member was missing though. Ryan's beloved dog Mollie didn't understand why her owner wasn't coming home. 
When his family told hospital personnel about Mollie, the doctors did something wonderful: they allowed the dog to visit the intensive care unit so that she could also take leave of her favorite person.
As soon as Mollie saw Ryan lying comatose in bed, she clearly understood that this was goodbye. She cried quietly and touched his face with her nose. A last farewell.
You can watch the sad but incredibly touching moment here (warning to viewers, though — seeing a real person in this condition may be upsetting):

If only everyone had such a loyal, loving friend as Mollie in their life, we'd surely all be better off.
Source : / facebook