These days, almost everyone's got the iPhone. It's a great piece of technology, chock full of nifty features and countless apps. Unfortunately, there comes a time when you get that dreaded icon informing you that you can't download that file or save that photo because you're running low on storage space. 
"But I really need that picture of a puppy on a tiny skateboard!" you say. So how do you clear up space? Well, you could go delete your other pictures... or you could follow these 8 simple tips to clear up space in other places.

1. Go through the steps of renting a movie - without actually renting it

Apple isn't going to let something like lack of space stop them from getting your money for a movie rental. Their OS automatically clears up cached data to clear up space for your rental. So, just go through the steps of renting a title, but don't actually take the final step and pay for it. This can easily help clear 3 GB of space.

2. Delete unused/unnecessary applications

You almost certainly have apps you haven't used in forever, so get rid of them to clear up valuable space for new ones! Besides, apps can build up their own data over time, turning that harmless 45 MB file into a 1.5 GB monster.

3. Delete old texts

Yes, I know, iMessage promises unlimited storage of your old texts... but do you really need those texts from five years ago? Just go to Settings-->Messages and change the settings to something other than "Forever." 

4. Stop using My Photo Stream

This feature basically causes your recently taken photos to be stored twice on your phone and is kind of a waste unless you need to sync photos between your iPhone and iPad.

5. HDR mode saves two versions of each photo - don't save both

HDR photos are awesome, but your phone stores the HDR and normal version of these photos, and you can save space by saving just one. Go to Settings-->Photos & Camera and then uncheck the "Keep Normal Photos" option.

6. Clear your browser cache

Unfortunately, you have to clear this one by one for each browser. Go to Settings-->Safari (or whichever browser you use), then tap "Clear History and Website Data."

7. Disable automatic updates

Automatic updates can really strain your data plan, as well as drain your battery and take up space. Set it up so that you only get updates over WiFi. Go to Settings-->iTunes & App Store and then turn off updates.

8. Use Google Photos

Google apps aren't just for Android phones, they'll work on iPhones too. Google Photos stores all your pictures in a cloud online, free, for life. Go into Google Photos and tap "Free Up Space." The app will automatically delete all of the photos stored on the phone and back them up online.
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