Reflexology, otherwise known as “zone therapy”, is the alternative health practice of massage based on the theory that particular “zones” on your feet correspond to other parts of your body, such as the vital organs, and that massaging those parts can improve the health of said organs.

Some people, due to the unobtrusive and natural means of improving health see this as a potential beneficial practice to be performed on infants! Since babies are more sensitive to touch, as their other senses and cognitive abilities are still developing, therefore it stands to reason that reflexology might just be the alternative health option for a child!


Babies may cry for a variety of reasons!
Crying is your baby’s main mode of communicating their needs, whether that be: hunger, in need of a diaper change, attention, illness, distress, environmental discomfort, or simply because they are a vocal infant and they wish to do so.
Although many new parents encounter distress themselves at a crying infant it is best to remember that as long as you have taken care of all of their needs you have done all you can do. Yet, what would we be doing here if I didn’t have but one trick left in the book for you to try!


Applying reflexology on your infant’s foot is as simply as massaging the right place!
Reflexology is an art infused with hundreds of years of mysticism and yet has been passed down as a healing art and is widely practiced, particularly popular in the field of eastern healing practice such as traditional Chinese medicine which has always taken a multi-faceted approach to healing a person.
Arch of foot- This part of the foot is said to correspond with the upper abdomen. Therefore, massaging this part would essentially help with digestive issues such as heartburn and bowel obstruction.
Lower half of the arch- Corresponds to the lower abdominal area, and thus may aid in the easing of bloating and constipation.


Top of the foot which touches the ground above the arch- This is what is called in Reflexology as “the chest” of the foot and therefore corresponds with issues pertaining to the lungs and throat such as cough, colds, chest congestion, and the accumulation of phlegm.
Center of the foot- The very center of the foot is linked to the sinuses, and is massaged to soothe runny noses, respiratory problems, and sinus issues.
Heel of the foot- Known as “the pelvis”, massaging this part of the foot is said to provide temporary relief and relaxation in the corresponding area and to improve postural issues.
Tips of the toes- Corresponds to the tip of your body funnily enough, the head, and therefore massaging the toes is said to help your baby with teething and to work through ear infections.
Solar plexus- Specifically the upper area of the arch of the foot is called the solar plexus, and specifically corresponds to the nerves in the stomach and lungs again.

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Reflexology is certainly quite fascinating, however, even with traditional Chinese medicine it is always recommended to maintain health through a diverse set of practices and with a consulting physician as cases become more serious.
However, if you would like to give it a try…go for it! It’s absolutely free, and can in no way harm your baby as it is, at the very least, a gentle foot massage!
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