If you’ve ever owned a cat before, you know how much low maintenance they can be when compared to dogs. If you supply them with basic essentials like food and a litter box, cats can usually take care of themselves. Although they are often misconstrued as being solitary, cats can be just as loving as dogs if you just give them a chance.
Cats are great for the house, but have you ever even considered bringing a cat with to school before? Places of learning are no place for animals, no matter how tame they are. Bubba the cat, however, might change your opinion.
Students and teachers in Leland High School in San Jose, California, have a very special relationship with Bubba the cat. As you’re about to see, they’re affection for Bubba took went to a whole new level when they decided to do this…
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Meet Bubba.
Bubba was brought to San Jose by Amber Marienthal back in 2009.
She realized very quickly that Bubba loved hanging around the school and getting attention from the students.
People in the school loved Bubba so much that they eventually made him an official student!
Look at Bubba on the cover of Leland’s school magazine.
He loves watching over his fellow classmates studying.
Bubba has made cat history by becoming the first feline student.
Looks like all this record setting has tired Bubba out!
Source : shareably.net