When the holidays come around, most of our children make wish lists for the things they would like Santa to bring them. Whether it’s a brand new Barbie doll, a new video game, or a bicycle, our kids love the holiday season because it’s the season of giving.

But these are what a child wants, not what a child needs. A child’s needs are pretty basic, but we seem to take this for granted because we already have all that a child needs. We have a house or an apartment. We have clean, filtered water to drink. We also have food.
One foster child’s wish list has gone viral on the Internet, and it really puts things into perspective. Read this child’s wish list, and you will feel touched like thousands of other people. It’s heartbreaking to see a list like this.
A Facebook post by Dreamcatchers for Abused Children went viral when they posted this note from a foster child in Oklahoma. The child’s request are incredibly simple. They are never things we would ever want to “wish” for, so it’s so sad to see a child actually want these things.
I am so surprised things like “don’t kill my pets” and “don’t get drunk” made the list. My heart shattered when I read that.
But the most devastating item on the list was, “I want love.” The tears keep streaming down my face. How heartbreaking is this?
One commenter wrote:
“Wow. This really helps put things in perspective I’m so grateful for what I have and my kids should be too!! Life isn’t always fair and for those of us who grew and thought we had it hard maybe we should thank our parents for all the love and things they did provide for us!!! Thank you mom and dad and thank you God!!!”
I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I totally agree and feel the same way as that commenter.
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