Have you ever listened to the song “Hallelujah” before? Originally recorded by Canadian recording artist Leonard Cohen, it received little success until it was covered by John Cale and Jeff Buckley. Since then, “Hallelujah” has becoming one of this century’s most enduring songs. It’s believed that there are over 300 versions of this song now in existence.
When YouTuber Shannon Abbott decided to cover “Hallelujah”, she didn’t want to do just any old cover. Sure Shannon has an amazing voice, but she thought she needed to do something more for her audience. So she decided to incorporate her baby boy and make some renditions to the lyrics.
You’re just going to love this performance. One YouTuber even commented, “If you don’t become famous and make a ton of money something is wrong! You’ve got a gift and the world needs to hear it!” What an incredible rendition. You can tell just how much Shannon loves her child enough to dedicate a song to him. Now that’s parenting!
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