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Stunning Photograph Captures The Terrifying Reality Of A Swamp At Night

Most of us would be terrified if we stumbled upon an alligator, so how can we even begin to understand the desire to go looking for one? Photographers Larry Lynch and David Moynahan might be able to shed some light on this desire. Below, you'll find pictures taken by both men, who sought to photograph alligators at night. 
Just try to get these menacing eyes out of your mind. A difficult feat, indeed.

This photograph, titled "Warning Night Light," won Larry the Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year award in the Animal Portraits category. 

Larry waited around in the swamps of Myakka River State Park, Florida to capture this shot at the perfect moment. 

Larry's comments on these photos: "Between kneeling in several inches of black mud, the heat, humidity, and bloodthirsty mosquitos, my thoughts were, 'get the best picture I can and get [...] out.'"

David Moynahan also paid a late-night visit to Myakka River State Park to find some alligators. Looks like he got more than (or exactly what) he bargained for. 

David's comments on his photos: "So many eyes!  Briefly, a light misty rain delivered droplets near the camera that burst with light from the flash as well, adding to the magic of the scene."

Well, "magic" is a little questionable. One thing's for sure: the color of the alligators' eyes is definitely a cool trick. There are receptors in their eyes, designed to help them see well in low levels of light. These receptors make their eyes appear red when subjected to a burst of light, like a camera flash. 

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