Growing your own food used to mean moving to the country, but the modern techniques of urban farming have changed all that. This video takes us on a full guided tour of a 4000 square foot farm (that’s only 100×40 feet – not much bigger than an average garden!), a “tiny Eden” of abundance that provides over 400 varieties of delicious looking organic fruit and veg.
This garden has revolutionized the idea of what can be done in a small plot in the middle of a city. It provides almost all the food needed by the entire family – with plenty left over. They have 8 chickens, 4 ducks and 2 goats. The ducks and chickens provide thousands of eggs per year, and also these animals peck up a lot of the bugs, keeping their numbers down.
If you want to eat organic but thought you couldn’t afford it, think again! This family is being paid $20,000 per year for surplus high quality organic produce by local organic chefs, who need a continual supply of the best quality organic produce to nourish their clientele. So, it’s not just cheap but you can make a profit out of it.
They are completely off the grid – using solar power and reducing their electric bill to $12 per month. They are even making their own biodiesel – so that reduces their vehicle filling costs to zero!
One thing to keep in mind, for this kind of lifestyle you’ll need time on your hands. It’s a labor of love and it must become a part of your life which comes naturally. However, everything takes time and energy. It’s better to spend time and energy on things that make the world a better place, on things that make you and your family healthier and in the same time earn you money, than on anything else, isn’t it?